Flash news for your website

About widget

7feeds News Ticker is a nice-looking flash-based tool that allows you to add vertical scrolling news, events, announces, press releases, and other content from any RSS feed to sidebar of your blog. 7feeds ticker is a highly configurable tool: supports themes, customizeble colors, titles, dimentions and advanced scrolling settings. Loads immediately and works smoothly. Enjoy!

Step 1
To get started with 7feeds.com visit "Get the Code!" . Type in the URL of the feed and click "OK". Check the widget example in the left side of the screen - this is how your custom widget will look like.

Step 2
Feel free to change the configuration of widget in Properties , Design and Themes tabs and check the preview again...

Step 3
After your satisfied with the look and feel of your widget in preview, cut and paste widget code it into your html page, or send it by email. The code is located in the text field at the bottom of the page. "Reset" button resets all parameters to default values, so use it carefully.

Enjoy 7feeds.com tool and give us your feedback in the Blog comments!
Remember that 7feeds widget is also available as Wordpress plugin you can download here.


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