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Britons killed in Saudi Arabia coach crash

Four Britons on a pilgrimage died and 12 more were hurt when their coach crashed, a travel firm says.

Afghanistan: Kabul voter centre suicide attack kills 57
The 57 dead include five children accompanying their parents registering to vote in Kabul.

London Marathon 2018 hottest on record
More than 40,000 runners took part in the 26.2-mile event amid temperatures of at least 24.1C (75.3F).

How hard is giving up plastic for a month?
Ten years ago I tried to live without plastic for a month. A decade on, would it be easier or harder?

Chelsea reach FA Cup final
Goals from Olivier Giroud and Alvaro Morata help Chelsea beat Southampton to reach the FA Cup final against Manchester United.

Naked gunman kills four in Nashville Waffle House
The man bursts into a Nashville restaurant and opens fire before a customer wrests away his rifle.

Jeremy Hunt threatens social media with new child-protection laws
The health secretary wants action from the sites on underage use, bullying and screen-time limits.

Windrush: Corbyn says PM ignored immigration policy warnings
The Labour leader says Theresa May is responsible for the effects of a "hostile" migration policy.

Korean Air 'nut rage' sisters step down
The airline boss's daughters have lost their tempers in separate incidents that hit the headlines.

Iran nuclear deal: Macron urges Trump to stick with 2015 accord
The French leader says there are no other options for the nuclear deal, which Mr Trump opposes.

Carwyn Jones exit 'does not help Sargeant family'
The departure of Carwyn Jones does not help the family of an ex-minister who died, a lawyer says.

Verne Troyer: Austin Powers star's film and TV moments
Verne Troyer, who also appeared in Harry Potter as well as Celebrity Big Brother, has died at the age of 49.

Nicaragua reporter killed during Facebook Live amid unrest
Ángel Gahona is gunned down on Facebook Live while reporting on a wave of anti-government protests.

Tom Daley: 'We're so, so excited' about new baby
The Olympic diver says the prospect of being a father has changed his perspective on life.

How leisure time is changing for North Korea's privileged
The way Pyongyang's middle-class enjoy themselves is changing, but rural areas continue to miss out.

London Marathon: Matthew Rees and David Wyeth reunited
Matthew Rees helped a struggling David Wyeth over the finish line in the 2017 London Marathon.

'I fear being in a hospital, not death'
Tommy says hospital staff don’t always understand the needs of dementia patients.

ICYMI: Baby love and a centenarian pianist
A baby gorilla and centenarian pianist are among the stories you might have missed this week.

Is 'bisexual lighting' a new cinematic phenomenon?
Is the lighting technique really about representing bisexual characters?

Pakistan's Ziarat: An ancient juniper forest and its living fossils
Mature trees at Ziarat in Balochistan are often thousands of years old, but many end up as firewood.

Nasa engineer: Three facts about landing on Mars
A Nasa flight analyst explains three things you need to know about going to Mars.