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Budget 2017: Hammond to 'seize opportunities' from Brexit

Chancellor Philip Hammond will vow to tackle deep-seated economic challenges "head on".

Mugabe resigns: Zimbabwe celebrates end of an era
Zimbabweans celebrate late into the night after Robert Mugabe resigns, ending 37-year rule.

David Cassidy: Partridge Family star dies aged 67
Former The Partridge Family star and singer David Cassidy dies aged 67, his family says.

North Korea defection: Footage of moment soldier flees
He raced across the border on foot, closely pursued by North Korean troops who shot at him several times.

Choice of tipple 'determines different moods'
Spirits may make you angry or tearful, while red wine or beer may make you relax, research says.

Hinkley Point will 'hit the poorest hardest', say MPs
A report claims that the cost of the nuclear power station will weigh on poorer households.

John Lasseter: Pixar founder on leave over 'unwanted hugs'
Allegations of misconduct emerge about the man behind Toy Story and dozens of other classics.

Law Society accreditation scheme advert 'misled' public
Watchdog criticises professional body over website description of accreditation scheme for firms.

Wigan scorer subbed to dash to son's birth
Wigan winger Ryan Colclough scores twice and is then substituted so he can attend the birth of his second child.

Argentina missing submarine: Concern grows over lack of oxygen
The search steps up again as weather improves near where the Argentine boat vanished last Wednesday.

Jack Maynard leaves I'm a Celebrity to defend himself
The YouTube star faces allegations of racism and homophobia after tweets he posted in 2012 emerged.

Iranian charged with Game of Thrones hack
Behzad Mesri is accused of leaking details of unaired episodes and demanding a $6m ransom from HBO.

The Papers: Ecstatic Zimbabwe and Budget 'war'
The front pages carry photos from Zimbabwe after President Mugabe quit and speculation on the Budget.

In a hurry? Here's your Budget day briefing
Your morning briefing for 22 November 2017.

Concorde: Remembering the 'pocket rocket'
Forty years on from the inaugural London-New York Concorde service, those who flew on the iconic aircraft share their memories.

Do you find this grave disrespectful?
A gay rights activist's bright yellow tomb has divided Italy - so should graves have to be grey?

Huge photo collection shows US through the years
The Anonymous Project has collected almost half a million photos to archive and conserve.

Under 30s on what they think of a discounted railcard
The discounted train travel option is set to be announced in Wednesday's Budget.

Canada flight delay turns into mass singalong
Instead of getting irate when their flight was delayed, these Canadian passengers had a singalong.

Does alcohol alter your mood?
Researchers from the BMJ questioned 30,000 people aged 18-34 from 21 different countries.

'Beauty shines' as woman bares alopecia in engagement photos
Makenzee Meaux says she'd lost hope of feeling beautiful until she met her fiancé.