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General election 2017: Corbyn links terror threat to wars abroad

The Labour leader will say UK foreign policy must change, as campaigning resumes after the Manchester attack.

Theresa May: Online extremism 'must be tackled'
The PM says the fight against so-called Islamic State is "moving from the battlefield to the internet".

Trump Russia inquiry: Kushner under FBI scrutiny - US media
Reports say investigators believe Mr Trump's son-in-law has information relevant to the Russia probe.

Wisconsin car thief did not expect woman to do this
Melissa Smith was filling up her car in Milwaukee when a man jumped into the driver's seat.

London men charged over alleged terror plot
Three men face charges over an alleged terror plot, while a fourth is accused of a firearms offence.

Juno peers below Jupiter's clouds
Scientists say the Solar System's biggest planet is showing itself to be far more complex than anyone thought.

Schools worse off under Conservatives, says IFS
Independent think tank the IFS says schools will fare worse financially under the Conservatives.

New payday loan regulations come into force
Payday lenders now have to advertise on at least one price comparison site under new rules.

Chinese football clubs face 100% foreign player tax
China's football authority wants a 100% tax on loss-making clubs that sign foreign players.

Indian acid-attack bride finds love from a wrong number
The survivor said finding love after 17 operations felt like a miracle.

Irish baby girl dies in Tipperary incident
Irish police are investigating after the seven-month-old girl was found in a car near Dundrum.

Fox's Sean Hannity loses advertisers after conspiracy theory
At least five companies have pulled ads after Sean Hannity's perpetuation of a conspiracy theory.

Debris found after Mull of Kintyre aircraft crash
It is not known how many people were on the aircraft, which came down two miles off the Scottish coast.

Everest climbers worried about oxygen bottle theft
There is concern about the increasing theft of oxygen bottles from high camps.

The victims - schoolgirls and parents among dead
Schoolgirls, parents waiting to pick up children, and an off-duty police officer are among the dead.

Reality Check: How can police stop terror suspects travelling?
What powers are available to stop suspected terrorists leaving or entering the UK?

Mobile phone 'saved woman's life'
Lisa Bridgett's phone was hit by a steel nut during the Manchester bombing before the nut got lodged in her nose.

Manchester attacks: Don't Look Back in Anger sung at vigil
A crowd breaks out into a spontaneous rendition of Oasis' Don't Look Back in Anger following a one-minute's silence in St Ann's Square in central Manchester.

Manchester attack: Hospital staff on treating the victims
Medics speak about working to treat the victims of Manchester's bomb attack on Monday.

Manchester mosque: Attacker not one of us
Communities in Manchester are coming together to condemn the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday.

Who was Salman Abedi?
The man who killed 22 people in a suicide attack had recently returned to the city from Libya.