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Russia 'must stop Syria civilian bombing'

French PM Manuel Valls urges Russia to stop bombing civilians while carrying out airstrikes in Syria - but Moscow denies harming them.

Trident 'lets UK punch above weight'
Britain must keep its Trident nuclear weapons system if it wants to play a significant role in the world, the US defence secretary tells the BBC.

Doctors side with Australia asylum baby
Protesters gather at a Brisbane hospital in support of doctors refusing to discharge an asylum seeker baby facing deportation to an offshore immigration camp.

Arrest over warehouse fatal shooting
A 26-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of murder after a man was killed during a raid at his warehouse.

US wants 'strong UK in strong EU'
The US has a "profound interest in a very strong UK staying in a strong EU", US Secretary of State John Kerry says.

Alzheimer's preventative drug hope
Cambridge scientists have detected a number of drugs which could help protect against Alzheimer's disease, acting like statins for the brain.

Tweddle takes first unaided steps
Olympic bronze medallist Beth Tweddle takes her first unaided steps since neck surgery following her fall on The Jump.

Support staff 'do teachers' work'
Teacher shortages mean support staff are having to pick up work normally done by qualified teachers, suggests research by a union.

Doctors' dispute 'could become a war'
The dispute over the imposition of a new contract for junior doctors "could become a war" between NHS staff, employers and the government, a union warns.

NHS watchdog to 'use Facebook comments'
Comments from Facebook and other social media will be used by England's health regulator to gather information on possible NHS failings, it is reported.

Bill Murray 'throws phones from bar'
Hollywood actor Bill Murray offers to reimburse drinkers after allegedly throwing their mobile phones from a rooftop bar after they tried to take photos.

Voges takes Test average over 100
Australia's Adam Voges is likened to legend Sir Don Bradman after lifting his Test average above 100 with his fifth century in 19 innings.

VIDEO: Creeping paralysis fear for Zika patients
The Zika virus has moved north to Colombia where it is being linked by some doctors to cases of paralysis.

VIDEO: Man who is blind can see like a bat
Daniel Kish, who is completely blind, demonstrates how he uses a form of echolocation to describe what's inside a park he's never been to before.

VIDEO: Civilians starve as bombs fall in Syria
Doubts mount over international agreement to cease some of the hostilities in Syria.

VIDEO: Woman and toddler saved from sinking car
Video has emerged showing the dramatic rescue of a woman and her child after her car went into a canal in Amsterdam.

VIDEO: Life on board a nuclear submarine
The BBC's Scotland editor Sarah Smith is granted rare access onboard one of Britain's Trident nuclear submarines.

VIDEO: Obama’s Valentine poem for his wife
US President Barack Obama appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and is surprised by a Valentine poem from his wife Michelle

VIDEO: The evolution of surfing in pictures
A new book tracks down the visual history of surfing from its first recording in 1778, to today's global phenomenon.

VIDEO: Families 'priced out of housing market'
Many younger families in the UK are being priced out of the property market.

Alzheimer's drug hope and footballer in court
Hopes of a breakthrough in preventing Alzheimer's and reports from the opening day of footballer Adam Johnson's trial feature in many of Saturday's front pages.