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UK to accept 'thousands' more refugees

David Cameron says the UK will fulfil its "moral responsibility" by giving sanctuary to "thousands" more Syrian refugees in response to the worsening humanitarian crisis.

EU 'must accept 200,000 refugees'
The EU must accept up to 200,000 refugees in a "common strategy" to replace its "piecemeal" approach to the migrant crisis, the UN says.

Four admit role in Hatton Garden raid
Four men plead guilty to conspiracy to burgle in connection with the Hatton Garden safety deposit box raid at Easter.

IS 'blows up Palmyra tower tombs'
Islamic State (IS) militants continue their destruction of the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra by blowing up three funerary towers.

Radical preacher Choudary given bail
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary is granted conditional bail as he awaits trial for allegedly encouraging support for the Islamic State group.

Nearly one million 'face mortgage woe'
Nearly a million homeowners have no way of paying off their mortgages because they opted for interest-only loans, Citizens Advice warns.

Intruder arrested on Gatwick flight
Gatwick Airport police arrest an intruder who got on to an plane without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.

Extra screen time 'hits GCSE grades'
An extra hour of television, internet or computer game time in Year 10 is linked with poorer grades at GCSE, Cambridge University research suggests.

Police cars given to civilian staff
Seven English police forces have given company cars with blue lights and sirens to senior civilian staff not trained to use them, the BBC learns.

Britain has 'hidden' £3.5bn art trove
The government owns art worth at least £3.5bn, but only a tiny fraction is on display, a pressure group claims.

Army 'cracking down' on harassment
The head of the Army says he is bringing in a new code of conduct to crack down on bullying and sexual harassment.

VIDEO: Walking through Budapest station camp
The BBC's Matthew Price in Budapest says several thousand migrants are still waiting at Budapest's international railway station in the hope of getting on trains to other parts of Europe.

VIDEO: Pope shops for new glasses in Rome
Pope Francis drew large crowds on Thursday after slipping out of the Vatican to visit an optician.

VIDEO: Uber faces backlash in South Africa
Car hire app Uber has been the target of protests and legal action by taxi drivers around the world, but is now making inroads into Africa.

VIDEO: Watch: 91-shot table tennis rally
Watch this unbelievable table tennis rally between Adrien Mattenet and Par Gerell at the Czech Open.

VIDEO: Corbyn criticises MPs' 'faux drama'
Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the conduct of MPs in the House of Commons.

VIDEO: Mother gives birth to own grandchild
A 51-year-old woman in the US has been talking about how she gave birth to her own granddaughter.

VIDEO: Gay marriage row clerk jailed in US
A US judge has ordered a Kentucky official jailed for contempt of court after she has repeatedly refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples.

VIDEO: Debrett's says selfies are fine
Debrett's offers training in etiquette in the digital age.

Drowning tragedy and refugee pressure
The front pages contain some moving images of the two boys who died in the migrant drowning tragedy, plus calls for the UK to take in more refugees.

Frosty relations over future of the Arctic
The US and Russia are at odds over ownership of highly strategic territory in the Arctic, says Shaun Ley.