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Partner admits EastEnders actor killing

The partner of former EastEnders actor Sian Blake admits killing her and their two children, his lawyer says.

Labour 'will get grip on anti-Semitism'
Labour deputy leader Tom Watson vows to "get a grip" on anti-Semitism after the suspension of Ken Livingstone over comments about Hitler.

Men accused of funding Brussels suspect
Two men appear in court accused of giving money to Mohammed Abrini, the "man in the hat" suspected of being involved in the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks.

Hillsborough force 'needs remedial review'
Lawyers for 20 of the Hillsborough families ask Home Secretary Theresa May to apply remedial measures to South Yorkshire Police.

Scandal-hit trust patients 'at risk'
The NHS mental health trust which ran a care unit where a teenager drowned in a bath is "continuing to put patients at risk", inspectors say.

Helicopter crashes on Norway coast
A helicopter crashes near the Norwegian city of Bergen with 13 people on board and there are no signs of survivors.

Boy, 2, found 'hanging from bed loop'
A two-year-old boy is found hanging and not breathing after he got his neck stuck in his parents' lift-up bed.

Clashes near Trump rally in California
Hundreds of demonstrators block traffic outside a venue in California where Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was holding a rally.

Expenses fraud MEP jailed for four years
An MEP who dishonestly claimed about £100,000 in expenses with a "sustained pattern of stealing" is jailed for four years.

Family fight Didcot explosives plan
The family of one of the three workers missing in the Didcot Power Station collapse say they will fight the decision to bring down the rest of the building with explosives.

SA corruption case blow for Zuma
South Africa's High Court opens the way for 783 corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma to be reinstated after ruling it was "irrational" to drop them.

'Sleepless slugs' on rise, say experts
Last year's wet summer, followed by one of the warmest winters on record, has helped to create a generation of sleepless slugs, wildlife experts have warned.

VIDEO: Jenner takes up Trump toilet offer
Caitlyn Jenner posts video of female toilet use after Donald Trump supported transgender right to choose which facility to use.

VIDEO: Trump 'would drop the atomic bomb'
Donald Trump would "have the guts" to drop an atomic bomb, according to one of his supporters.

VIDEO: Cocaine bales brought to Glasgow court
A major security operation is mounted at Glasgow High Court to allow jurors in a drug smuggling trial to see more than 100 bales of cocaine.

VIDEO: 'I can use illegal ivory to top up stock'
Conservationists say the legal trade in ivory on the domestic market in China and Hong Kong is just providing a cover for the illegal smuggling.

VIDEO: Meet the decoys protecting tiny seabirds
Conservationists have come up with a novel solution, using fake versions of the Little Tern, to try to attract the real ones to find suitable nesting spots.

VIDEO: Ted Cruz 'is Lucifer in the flesh'
US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has been called "Lucifer in the flesh" by the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner.

VIDEO: Emma Thompson sprayed with manure
Double-Oscar winning actor Emma Thompson has had liquid manure sprayed at her while taking part in an anti-fracking demonstration.

VIDEO: Boy, two, accidentally shoots mother
A two-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his mother in the US city of Milwaukee, as Andy Moore reports.

Livingstone 'red card' in Labour 'civil war'
The suspension of Ken Livingstone and the row within the Labour Party about accusations of anti-Semitism dominate the front pages.